Vacuum Casting

Exact replication of master models in a fraction of the time of 3D Printing. Perfect for low volume high quality profitable production.

3D Printing

The most affordable desktop SLA printer on the market for clean efficient post processing of printed parts.

Ceramic 3D Printing

CERAMAKER the most accurate technical ceramic printer for industrial, medical, and luxury goods markets.

High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing

After a century of optimizing manufacturing for high-volume production, manufacturing in the US is shifting to high-mix/low-volume environments. While this allows companies to better meet specific customer demand with enhanced responsiveness and lower inventory, manufacturing equipment tailored to meet this business model is generally lacking. MTek3D specializes in providing your company the tools you need to compete in the 21st Century.

Vacuum Casting

Positioned between 3D printing and injection molding, in both cost and volume, Vacuum Casting uniquely enables profitable production of low to medium volume plastic parts.

3D Printing

Known for Rapid Prototyping and Product Development, 3D Printing is also a legitimate technology for low-volume manufacturing in plastic, ceramic, and metal.

Contract Manufacturing

Not ready to invest in new equipment? Mtek3D can manufacture parts for you.