3D Printing Services from Knoxville, TN

Based in Knoxville, TN, MTek3D supplies 3D printers to businesses and industries nationwide that use additive manufacturing to create custom-formed components. Today, dentists, jewelers, toy manufacturers, doctors, engineers, and many more professionals leverage 3D printing technology to do their jobs with more speed and precision. In order to be truly successful, however, our customers rely on MTek3D’s support services to get the most from their products.

We’re proud to partner with our customers and offer a wide range of 3D printing services, from new product design to instrumentation design and supply. If you need assistance but don’t see a particular service listed here, reach out to our team. We’ll create a customized service package to ensure that you’re utilizing your 3D printer correctly and getting the full financial and productivity return on your investment.

Creative services

Not sure where to start? The MTek3D team can help you understand the industry-specific opportunities where 3D printing can enhance your products and your business. We offer design consultations to help you create your best products across a range of applications. Our diverse team of manufacturing professionals can help you fine-tune your product and mix of materials to elevate your overall product design.

3D printing requires changing the way you think about manufacturing, so our team will bridge the gap between your in-depth industry knowledge and our 3D printing knowledge for a creative solution.

User training

Optimize your designs with tips and tricks from our 3D printing experts. MTek3D offers group and personal training workshops to help you harness the full capabilities of your 3D printer or vacuum casting machine. We’ll custom create a planning session to give you relevant information and help you with materials selection, safety, color mixing, form and design optimization, and more.

Urethane casting and 3D printing

Not ready to commit to a 3D printer purchase just yet? Let MTek3D equipment do the work! Our in-house equipment is available for short-run productions and prototyping services. If you’re an emerging businesses testing the capabilities of additive manufacturing, learn how we can help you.

Machine maintenance

As exciting as 3D printing technology is, MTek3D is also available to help support the nuts and bolts of daily operations. We can assist with machine maintenance and cleaning to keep business running smoothly. Customers can choose from phone support or even on-site assistance for printers and products to ensure minimal downtime and waste.

Contact our team for customized service packages

Investing in a 3D printer is an important first step to innovating your business operations, but it’s only the beginning of getting ahead of the competition. MTek3D is here to be an ongoing source of support and information for customers who want to try new technology and realize their full potential and business returns.

If you need to start a new project or just have questions about our services, contact us in Knoxville, TN, and speak to one of our experts today.

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