Efficient Vacuum Casting in Knoxville, TN

The process of vacuum casting is unique because of its ability to make low-volume production more profitable. This copying technique is used for smaller series of plastic parts because it creates functional prototypes and other products in a short, affordable production time.

5/01 PLC

Molds up to 20.9” × 17.7” × 16.7”
Starting under $45,000

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5/04 PLC

Molds up to 29.5” × 29.5” × 35.4”
Starting under $84,000

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Vacuum casting technology

To create parts with vacuum casting, we start with a master model that has a high-quality surface finish. Next, a two-component mold is created around that master copy with a partial vacuum for a smooth mold that’s free of air bubbles. Once the silicone is completely cured, the master model will be carefully cut out of the mold. The empty silicone mold is now ready to be used for making copies. With vacuum casting, you don’t need to create a hard mold using metal or other expensive and time-consuming methods.

Why choose vacuum casting technology?

Vacuum casting is reliably used in all industries for fast production of high-quality prototypes or small batches of quality, end-use products. The moldings have the same performance properties as you would expect from engineering plastics. Because the molds are made from two types of resin, your business can avoid the high cost of creating a hard tool or mold that’s traditionally used for large-scale injection molding.

If you need a fast, cost-effective way to produce smaller quantities without sacrificing on quality, vacuum casting is the ideal solution. Our customers use vacuum casting machines for early product launches and testing, fabrication of small series of plastic parts, and the creation of concept models or prototypes that need to be produced quickly.

Upgrades to older Vacuum Casting Machines.

We upgrade older vacuum cast machines such as Sancron, MCP and MTT manufactured units with PLC control and Touch Screen HMI.

We can install at your plant or provide a loaner machine so that the machine requiring upgrade can be shipped to MTEK for upgrade.

We can also provide parts and service for:

  • Sancron Vacuum Cast Machines
  • MCP Vacuum Cast Machines
  • MTT Vacuum Cast Machines
  • Renishaw Vacuum Cast Machines

Eliminate the need for injection molds

The results of the silicone molding production process from vacuum casting are comparable to their injection mold equivalents. Even customers who use injection molding for production can benefit from vacuum casting to test fit and function prior to a new investment in a custom injection mold.

Vacuum casting can be done to varying levels of finish, so please let our team know your specifications. We’ll help you set up a machine to match the finish you need for your parts.

MTek3D vacuum casting machines

The Renishaw 5/01 vacuum casting machine

  • The 5/01 PLC machine is capable of creating production molds from a variety of resins and high-quality wax master models.
  • Mold sizes up to 20.9” × 17.7” × 16.7”
  • Prices start at under $45,000

The Renishaw 5/04 vacuum casting machine

The 5/04 PLC is machine is compatible with a wide range of resins, nylon, glass-filled nylon, and high-quality wax master models to create the production mold.

  • Mold sizes up to 29.5” × 29.5” × 35.4”
  • Prices start at under $84,000

Vacuum casting consumables

Keep your machine running smoothly with our vacuum casting consumables and accessories. Shop now for both 5/01 PLC and 5/04 PLC consumables. Contact the MTek3D team in Knoxville, TN, to learn more.

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Vacuum Casting Consumables

Keep your machine running smooth with our vacuum casting consumables & accessories

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