Injection Molding Alternatives

Efficient Small Batch Production

  • Increased Production Speed
  • Low Cost Injection Molding
  • Small Batch Production Runs

When Do You Need Plastic and Metal Vacuum Casting?

Vacuum Casting is the perfect fit between early design and large scale production.

Vacuum Casting is a perfect when you need a low cost injection molding alternative.

When to use 3D Printing

Design and Prototyping: Use 3D Printers  when you are changing your design often and need to tweak the product.


  • Easy Design changes
  • See the finished product
  • Can be printed¬†in-house


  • Takes a long time to print each item
  • Printed items need sanded and finished

When to use Vacuum Casting

Small Batch Production: When your ready to produce your product, but do not need to produce it by the thousands.

Vacuum casting is perfect for

  • Small batch production runs
  • Delivering several demos
  • increased production speed
  • Low cost production
  • Custom parts

Vacuum Casting and Materials