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Contact Us in Knoxville, TN, to Buy a 3D Printer

MTek3D is leading the way in the future of manufacturing, engineering, and science with the latest 3D printer technology. As the industry rapidly expands, there’s an increasing variety of 3D printers and related equipment available to business owners in any industry.

To help you select the right machinery, purchase a model, and learn how to operate your printer for the best possible results, MTek3D consulting and support services will serve as your guide. Contact us today to take the first steps toward growing your business and innovating your productivity.

We also welcome you to visit our showroom in southwest Knoxville, TN, off of I-70/40.

Our 3D printers

Our 3D printers encompass a range of additive printing technologies. Stereolithography (SLA) is suitable for models and prototypes across manufacturing, jewelry, dental applications, and more. MultiJet printing (MJP) dramatically increases the speed of printing for quick production. Our full color 3D printers generate vivid, lifelike colors at more affordable and accessible prices than ever before. Thanks to the speed of development in this industry, 3D printing is a smart cost-effective way to enhance your business operations.

Troubleshooting and support resources

When you purchase a 3D printer through MTek3D, you’re also receiving personalized support services that last long after the purchase and delivery date. Our services include a troubleshooting helpline and professional training sessions for your staff. We also provide design consultation services so you can select, design, and produce the best possible products with your 3D printer. Sometimes, adjusting the materials or form slightly can significantly optimize the final results.

If you need to consult original manuals or refer to replacement data sheets, you can access our resources to download relevant safety and materials information, manuals, and archived issues.

Get in touch with our team today.

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