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3D printing creates a physical product from a digital design by using an additive manufacturing process. There are different printing processes that vary by technology and printing material. At MTek3D, we can help you understand the options and select the best printer for your business applications in any industry. Based in Knoxville, TN, MTek3D is at the forefront of 3D printing technology. Call us for more information today.


3DCERAM leverages a unique technology that makes it possible to manufacture ceramic components with 3D printing. MTek3D offers the Ceramaker 900 which handles build volumes up to 300 mm x 300mm x 100 mm.

The open print settings make it easy to do in-depth adjustments and customization for your product-specific needs. Plus, our team can assist you with fine-tuning the setup thanks to our training and creative consulting services.

3D Ceram Products

3D Systems

Offering both plastic and full color 3D printers, 3D Systems products streamline your workflow and optimize design. The global company is a market leader in MultiJet printer (MJP) manufacturing, trusted by industries and organizations of all sizes to provide accurate and reliable 3D printers that enhance product design. MillenniTek LLC is proud to offer both the ProJet MJP 2500 Series and the ProJet MJP 5600 Series in both plastic and full-color printers starting at under $22,000.

3D Systems Products

Innovative and cost effective

If you’re concerned about the cost of cutting-edge technology, you’ll be surprised to find out how affordable 3D printing can be as the expanding industry develops new and better printer models. In the long run, businesses save time and money with the ability to rapidly prototype or even small batch produce a new product for a low-risk cost.

It’s easy to experiment with different materials and designs to perfect the mold without investing in one or more hard tooled molds. 3D printing is the future of easily customizable products for businesses who want to quickly respond to customer demands and profitably develop new products.

Leading 3D printers and accessories

MTek3D is proud to sell 3D printers and accessories from some of the leading names in the industry to help you innovate your business.

Choosing the right machine for your business

Need some help choosing the perfect 3D printer for you? Check out our Technologies Page or give us a call at 865.966.2170 in Knoxville, TN, for sales assistance, design consultations, and training services. As a top 3D printer company, MTek3D is ready to help you purchase a printer and enjoy its innovative benefits for years to come.