Safety Data Sheets

These data sheets contain key safety information for handling and storage of plastic materials. Click thumbnail image to download data sheet.

MaterialSheet Name / Part numberDownload SheetData Sheet
Resin8045 CSafety data sheet: Resin 8045 CSafety
Release agent without siliconeSafety data sheet: Release agent without siliconeSafety
Resin8045 BSafety data sheet: Resin 8045 BSafety
Resin8045 ASafety data sheet: Resin 8045 ASafety
HardenerCAT 951Safety data sheet: Hardener CAT 951Safety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTV 740Safety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTV 740Safety
HardenerCAT VM 20Safety data sheet: Hardener CAT VM 20Safety
HardenerCAT VM 1Safety data sheet: Hardener CAT VM 1Safety
Resin 8160 BSafety data sheet: Resin 8160 BSafety
Resin8160 ASafety data sheet: Resin 8160 ASafety
Resin8263 BSafety data sheet: Resin 8263 BSafety
Resin8263 ASafety data sheet: Resin 8263 ASafety
Resin5175 BSafety data sheet: Resin 5175 BSafety
Resin5175 ASafety data sheet: Resin 5175 ASafety
Resin5170 BSafety data sheet: Resin 5175 ASafety
Resin9012 BSafety data sheet: Resin 9012 BSafety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTX 950Safety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTX 950Safety
HardenerCAT 740 / 750Safety data sheet: Hardener CAT 740 / 750Safety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTV 750Safety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTV 750Safety
Resin6091 B 723840010Safety data sheet: Resin 6091 B 723840010Safety
ResinSG95 A-LP 712260000Safety data sheet: Resin SG95 A-LP 712260000Safety
ResinSG95 A 712250000Safety data sheet: Resin SG95 A 712260000Safety
Resin8095 B 722680000Safety data sheet: Resin 8095 B 722680000Safety
Resin3175 B 726102001Safety data sheet: Resin 3175 B 726102001Safety
Resin3175 A 716102001Safety data sheet: Resin 3175 A 716102001Safety
Resin420 A 715101018Safety data sheet: Resin 420 A 715101018Safety
Resin410 B 725100005Safety data sheet: Resin 410 B 725100005Safety
Resin410 A 715100000Safety data sheet: Resin 410 A 715100000Safety
Resin3165 B 725001001Safety data sheet: Resin 3165 B 725001001Safety
Resin3165 A 715001001Safety data sheet: Resin 3165 A 715001001Safety
Resin9070 B 722660010Safety data sheet: Resin 9070 B 722660010Safety
Resin7100 B 724400001Safety data sheet: Resin 7100 B 724400001Safety
Resin6100 B 723920000Safety data sheet: Resin 6100 B 723920000Safety
Resin 8040 B 722750000Safety data sheet: Resin 8040 B 722750000Safety
Resin8020 B 722700000Safety data sheet: Resin 8020 B 722700000Safety
Resin 8060 B 722690010Safety data sheet: Resin 8060 B 722690010Safety
Resin 8052 B 722590010Safety data sheet: Resin 8052 B 722590010Safety
ResinSG95 B 722250000Safety data sheet: Resin SG95 B 722250000Safety
Resin8051 B 722620010Safety data sheet: Resin 8051 B 722620010Safety
Resin 6130 A 713920000Safety data sheet: Resin 6130 A 713920000Safety
Resin6091 A 713840010Safety data sheet: Resin 6091 A 713840010Safety
Resin8040 A 712750000Safety data sheet: Resin 8040 A 712750000Safety
Resin 8020 A 712700000Safety data sheet: Resin 8020 A 712700000Safety
Resin8060 A 712690010Safety data sheet: Resin 8060 A 712690010Safety
Resin 8095 A 712680000Safety data sheet: Resin 8095 A 712680000Safety
Resin 9070 A 712660010Safety data sheet: Resin 9070 A 712660010Safety
Resin 8051 A 712620010Safety data sheet: Resin 8051 A 712620010Safety
Resin 8052 A 712590010Safety data sheet: Resin 8052 A 712590010Safety
HardenerCAT VM 30 703680010Safety data sheet: Hardener CAT VM 30 703680010Safety
HardenerCAT VM2 703670000Safety data sheet: Hardener CAT VM 2 703670000Safety
Hardener CAT 800 703620010Safety data sheet: Hardener CAT 800 703620010Safety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTV 800 703590200Safety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTV 800 703590200Safety
Orange tintSafety data sheet: Orange tintSafety
Resin5171 B Safety data sheet: Resin 5171 BSafety
Resin 5171 ASafety data sheet: Resin 5171 ASafety
Glass fillerSafety data sheet: Glass fillerSafety
Resin SG 50 BSafety data sheet: Resin SG 50 BSafety
Resin SG 50 ASafety data sheet: Resin SG 50 ASafety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTN 6001 catalystSafety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTN 6001 catalystSafety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTN 6001 BaseSafety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTN 6001 baseSafety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTN 6000 CatalystSafety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTN 6000 catalystSafety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTN 6000 BaseSafety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTN 6000 BaseSafety
Resin3176 B 3116 BSafety data sheet: Resin 3176 B 3116 BSafety
Resin3176 A 3116 ASafety data sheet: Resin 3176 A 3116 ASafety
Resin420 B Safety data sheet: Resin 420 BSafety
Resin 6130 B Safety data sheet: Resin 6130 BSafety
Resin5170 ASafety data sheet: Resin 6130 BSafety

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