The Renishaw 5/04 Vacuum Casting Machine

Create high quality parts in a wide range of resins, nylon and glass filled nylon, as well as high quality wax investment casting masters.

Starting under $84,000

About the machine

Renishaw’s 5/04 PLC vacuum casting machine system has a casting capacity of up to 5.5 litres.

In addition, the 5/04 benefits from the option of chamber extension, and has been designed to accommodate the Renishaw Nylon Plus casting module for nylon vacuum casting.

VC module

The standard module for plastic prototypes and low volume production in vacuum casting polyurethane resins

Nylon Plus module option

For prototypes and production parts in nylon and glass filled nylon

Heated cup option

Enables production of wax master models for the investment casting, and low melting point alloys

Twin robot option

Increases casting capacity from 2.2 L to 5.5 L

Molds up to 750mm × 750mm × 900mm

Nylon Plus casting module – high performance glass or fibre filled polymer

PLC control and automation – ensures consistent casting

Heated cup – suitable for casting high quality wax masters and low melt alloy

Dual robot option – for increased casting capacity

How Vacuum Casting Systems Work

MillenniTek provides a full solution for vacuum casting with a range of machines, from manual to high capacity computer automated, for the economic production of short run, end use parts and prototypes – up to 50 parts from a single mould.

Product Specs

Dimension Housing
(H x W x D)
75.9″ x 59.4″ x 35.4″
(1930mm x 1510mm x 900mm)
Maximum Mold Size
(H x W x D)
29.5″ × 29.5″ × 35.4″
(750mm x 900mm x 750mm)
Casting Capacity 2.2 L / 5.5 L (twin robot)
Power Requirements 480 VAC, 3 Phase, 3.5 kw
Pump Capacity 65 m³/h
Ultimate Vacuum 0.5 mbar
Gross Machine Weight 1150 kg

Extension chamber

For projects that fall outside the capacity of the standard machine, various extension chambers can be configured to suit your requirements. This option is only available for 5/04 and 5/06 machines.

Twin robot

This option allows you to significantly increase the casting capacity. The twin robot is only available for 5/04 and 5/06 machines and can be configured to ‘syncro’ or ‘independent’ modes as required.

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