Advanced Printing Kit UM2+ Extended


Enjoy the most consistent and reliable print results by achieving a great bed adhesion and ensuring a controlled temperature environment inside your 3D printer.

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Advanced 3D Printing Kit

Ultimaker’s Advanced 3D Printing Kit has been designed to help you get consistent, reliable print results – every time. Special adhesion sheets included in the kit minimize warping and achieve better bed adhesion – a welcome alternative to glue! And the door creates a more controlled environment inside your 3D printer; which means a more stable temperature and a higher print success rate. Quality and performance of the printed parts will be also improved as a result.

What’s included?

The Advanced 3D Printing Kit contains the following items:

  • 2 x 0.4 mm nozzle
  • 2 x TFM coupler
  • 25 x adhesion sheet
  • 1 x door


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