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Renishaw vacuum casting resins and silicone rubbers matrix

Find out the composition, mechanical properties and handling guidelines for our range of vacuum casting materials.

Renishaw vacuum casting resins and silicone rubbers matrix

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Safety and Material Data Sheets

Key safety information for handling and storage of plastic materials. Use the search box to filter “safety” and “material” data sheets. Click thumbnail image to download data sheet.
MaterialSheet Name / Part numberDownload SheetData Sheet
Resin8045 CSafety data sheet: Resin 8045 CSafety
Release agent without siliconeSafety data sheet: Release agent without siliconeSafety
Resin8045 BSafety data sheet: Resin 8045 BSafety
Resin8045 ASafety data sheet: Resin 8045 ASafety
HardenerCAT 951Safety data sheet: Hardener CAT 951Safety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTV 740Safety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTV 740Safety
HardenerCAT VM 20Safety data sheet: Hardener CAT VM 20Safety
HardenerCAT VM 1Safety data sheet: Hardener CAT VM 1Safety
Resin 8160 BSafety data sheet: Resin 8160 BSafety
Resin8160 ASafety data sheet: Resin 8160 ASafety
Resin8263 BSafety data sheet: Resin 8263 BSafety
Resin8263 ASafety data sheet: Resin 8263 ASafety
Resin5175 BSafety data sheet: Resin 5175 BSafety
Resin5175 ASafety data sheet: Resin 5175 ASafety
Resin5170 BSafety data sheet: Resin 5175 ASafety
Resin9012 BSafety data sheet: Resin 9012 BSafety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTX 950Safety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTX 950Safety
HardenerCAT 740 / 750Safety data sheet: Hardener CAT 740 / 750Safety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTV 750Safety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTV 750Safety
Resin6091 B 723840010Safety data sheet: Resin 6091 B 723840010Safety
ResinSG95 A-LP 712260000Safety data sheet: Resin SG95 A-LP 712260000Safety
ResinSG95 A 712250000Safety data sheet: Resin SG95 A 712260000Safety
Resin8095 B 722680000Safety data sheet: Resin 8095 B 722680000Safety
Resin3175 B 726102001Safety data sheet: Resin 3175 B 726102001Safety
Resin3175 A 716102001Safety data sheet: Resin 3175 A 716102001Safety
Resin420 A 715101018Safety data sheet: Resin 420 A 715101018Safety
Resin410 B 725100005Safety data sheet: Resin 410 B 725100005Safety
Resin410 A 715100000Safety data sheet: Resin 410 A 715100000Safety
Resin3165 B 725001001Safety data sheet: Resin 3165 B 725001001Safety
Resin3165 A 715001001Safety data sheet: Resin 3165 A 715001001Safety
Resin9070 B 722660010Safety data sheet: Resin 9070 B 722660010Safety
Resin7100 B 724400001Safety data sheet: Resin 7100 B 724400001Safety
Resin6100 B 723920000Safety data sheet: Resin 6100 B 723920000Safety
Resin 8040 B 722750000Safety data sheet: Resin 8040 B 722750000Safety
Resin8020 B 722700000Safety data sheet: Resin 8020 B 722700000Safety
Resin 8060 B 722690010Safety data sheet: Resin 8060 B 722690010Safety
Resin 8052 B 722590010Safety data sheet: Resin 8052 B 722590010Safety
ResinSG95 B 722250000Safety data sheet: Resin SG95 B 722250000Safety
Resin8051 B 722620010Safety data sheet: Resin 8051 B 722620010Safety
Resin 6130 A 713920000Safety data sheet: Resin 6130 A 713920000Safety
Resin6091 A 713840010Safety data sheet: Resin 6091 A 713840010Safety
Resin8040 A 712750000Safety data sheet: Resin 8040 A 712750000Safety
Resin 8020 A 712700000Safety data sheet: Resin 8020 A 712700000Safety
Resin8060 A 712690010Safety data sheet: Resin 8060 A 712690010Safety
Resin 8095 A 712680000Safety data sheet: Resin 8095 A 712680000Safety
Resin 9070 A 712660010Safety data sheet: Resin 9070 A 712660010Safety
Resin 8051 A 712620010Safety data sheet: Resin 8051 A 712620010Safety
Resin 8052 A 712590010Safety data sheet: Resin 8052 A 712590010Safety
HardenerCAT VM 30 703680010Safety data sheet: Hardener CAT VM 30 703680010Safety
HardenerCAT VM2 703670000Safety data sheet: Hardener CAT VM 2 703670000Safety
Hardener CAT 800 703620010Safety data sheet: Hardener CAT 800 703620010Safety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTV 800 703590200Safety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTV 800 703590200Safety
Orange tintSafety data sheet: Orange tintSafety
Resin5171 B Safety data sheet: Resin 5171 BSafety
Resin 5171 ASafety data sheet: Resin 5171 ASafety
Glass fillerSafety data sheet: Glass fillerSafety
Resin SG 50 BSafety data sheet: Resin SG 50 BSafety
Resin SG 50 ASafety data sheet: Resin SG 50 ASafety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTN 6001 catalystSafety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTN 6001 catalystSafety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTN 6001 BaseSafety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTN 6001 baseSafety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTN 6000 CatalystSafety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTN 6000 catalystSafety
SiliconeSilicone rubber VTN 6000 BaseSafety data sheet: Silicone rubber VTN 6000 BaseSafety
Resin3176 B 3116 BSafety data sheet: Resin 3176 B 3116 BSafety
Resin3176 A 3116 ASafety data sheet: Resin 3176 A 3116 ASafety
Resin420 B Safety data sheet: Resin 420 BSafety
Resin 6130 B Safety data sheet: Resin 6130 BSafety
Resin5170 ASafety data sheet: Resin 6130 BSafety
Resin 8045Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 8045Material
Resin 5175Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 5175Material
Resin6230Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 6230Material
Resin3176Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 3176Material
Resin3116Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 3116Material
Resin9012Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 9012Material
Resin8060-2Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 8060-2Material
Resin8060-1Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 8060-1Material
Resin8020-2Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 8020-2Material
Resin8020-1Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 8020-2Material
Resin8095Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 8095Material
Resin8052Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 8052Material
Resin8263Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 8263Material
Resin5170Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 5170Material
Resin420Data Sheet: hand/vacuum casting resin 420Material
Resin410Data Sheet: hand/vacuum casting resin 410Material
Resin6091Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 6091Material
Resin3165Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 3165Material
Resin3175Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 3175Material
ResinSG95-LPData Sheet: vacuum casting resin SG95-LPMaterial
ResinSG95Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin SG95Material
Resin9070Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 9070Material
Resin8060-3Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 8060-3Material
Resin8051Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 8051Material
Resin8040Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 8040Material
Resin6130Data Sheet: vacuum casting resin 6130Material

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