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Exceeding industry standards in 3D Printing and Vacuum Casting.

At MTek3D, we focus on providing tomorrow’s products for today’s business. 3D printing and vacuum casting allow professionals in every industry to create new products faster, with more profit and less risk.

By enabling the creativity of your business to flourish, MTek3D products give you the agility and flexibility to stay ahead of the market and deliver excellence to all of your customers. We’re committed to supporting your success with excellent sales and service assistance. Contact us today in Knoxville, TN, to learn how we can help innovate your business with a 3D printer.

More than a prototype designer

In the early days of 3D printing technology, printers were used mainly to develop one-off prototypes. Today, 3D printers are more affordable and versatile than ever before and are used by professionals in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, dentistry, consumer goods, health care, and more.

Your business can benefit from 3D printing technology because it can reduce both the cost and time to market of your product designs. This powerful ability enables you to test new ideas faster than ever before.

3D printing

At the core of MTek3D are our 3D printer products. We’re proud to offer printers from leading manufacturers around the world that are capable of working with plastic resins and even ceramic. From completely customizable settings for industry and business-specific modifications to Wi-Fi-enabled dashboards that allow you to manage the manufacturing process from anywhere, our 3D printers are more advanced and affordable then you thought possible.

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Vacuum casting

Vacuum casting is the process of fabricating high-quality polyurethane and silicone soft molds for prototypes or small batch production. A business is able to vacuum cast at a more cost-effective price point than designing a custom hard tooled mold. This technique allows for low-risk product design and development or rapid fit and function testing before investing in a full hard tooled injection mold.

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MTek3D is a team of technical manufacturing and product engineering professionals who are ready to help you maximize your investment with consulting services. We can enhance and optimize product design for any 3D printer or offer design training to your staff for increased productivity and efficiency. Our services can help you get more from your 3D printer or vacuum casting machine.

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I’ve had nothing but good experiences with MTek3D, and I would highly recommend them. Great products paired with hardworking, helpful, friendly people. 

Chris Maino

Physicist , Kimball Physics Inc.